What are The Most Energy Efficient Appliances for Your Home


With the rise in energy cost, it is imperative to be equipped with knowledge that can help us in making our homes energy efficient. The technological development in the energy industry has enabled us to minimize the costs of energy in our homes by inventing more energy efficient appliances but us it turns out most of us are ignorant of these appliances or even the knowledge necessary to help us make our homes energy efficient. In this article, I explore some of the tips and appliances that we can apply to transform our homes into energy efficient homes.

At some instances, we have the right energy saving appliances but still, incur significant energy costs in our homes, there are some things we could be doing wrong, the following are some guidelines that significantly reduce the costs of energy in our homes.


One of the things that can make the energy costs hike is the costs relating to lighting; traditional bulbs are known to increase the energy bill by high percentages. Today we don’t have to be stuck with these traditional bulbs; we can reduce the energy costs relating to lighting by replacing the traditional bulbs with the modern energy saving bulbs.

New fluorescent bulbs are known to help reduce the indoor lighting costs. Outdoor lighting costs can be significantly reduced by installing the modern solar bulbs that do not require electricity at all. To further reduce the cost of lighting it is essential always to make sure the lights are always off when not needed.


When the weather is hot the windows let hot air in increasing the cooling costs of our homes, today this doesn’t have to be a problem, there modern double pane windows that help prevent the heat from reaching the house interior thus reducing the energy costs.

Replacing the traditional windows help us move a step closer to achieving an energy efficient home, the costs of cooling can now be lowered during summer. These modern double pane windows have two major advantages one of which is to lower the energy costs of our homes and also the help us enjoyed a cool environment in our homes. Hence they are worth purchasing and installing. During the hot seasons, it is ideal to use curtains to block heat from reaching the house interior; this will reduce heating in the house and hence reduce the cost of cooling.

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances account for the largest percentage of the electrical bills hence it is imperative we pay lots of attention to the kind of electrical appliance we are using. The first step that we should all take in ensuring we are headed towards achieving energy efficient homes is by making sure we eliminate the traditional appliances that are known to consume a significant amount of energy.

Technology has enabled manufacturers to make appliances that are energy efficient and capable of operating with low power voltage. Purchasing Energy Star appliances are ideal where the goal is to achieve energy efficient homes. This ensures that our stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances are as efficient as possible. To further achieve energy efficient home make sure that all the appliances are functioning in the right way, faulty appliances can significantly increase our energy bills.

It is of great importance to find the best companies to repair services to our appliances, washing machine repairs east Auckland can be offered by some of the best technicians at A1 Machine Repairs East www.washingmachinerepairseast.co.nz they offer high-quality services, the firm is helping us maintain low power costs by ensuring our appliances are functioning in the right way hence keeping the energy costs low.

Computers and electronics

In today’s world, it is impossible to avoid computers; they are used in daily basis hence also form a significant percentage of the energy costs. Some of the old computer models consume high levels of energy, but the recent inventions have resolved the issue, recent generations of computers are energy efficient and help to lower the energy costs. When purchasing laptops, it is ideal to purchase the ones offering more hours of power storage; some can offer up to 7 hours of charge hence it means they need to be charged once or twice in a day, and this will impact on the cost energy.

Electronics are known to consumer energy at a high rate, but the modern models are solving this problem, it is essential to make sure that the electronics are turned off when they are not being used.

Regulate the use of water heaters and air conditioners

Water heaters and air conditioner are some of the appliances that consume a lot of energy making the energy costs to hike, their use should be regulated to the time when they are needed, this will reduce the energy consumption. When buying these appliances it ideal to check for the energy star symbol, it is a good indication of the appliances that consume low voltage hence reducing the overall energy consumption.

It is advisable to have these appliances checked by technicians like the A1 Machine Repairs East www.washingmachinerepairseast.co.nz the company comprise of technicians who specialize in repair and maintenance of different kinds of appliances offering repairs to a wide range of appliances like washing machines and a whole range of appliances machines and electronics. Washing machine repairs Howick is one of the areas where that A1 Machine Repairs East has exceptionally excelled.

When we are trying to transform our homes into energy efficient homes with low power consumption hence reduced power bills. It is crucial to ensure that all the appliances are in a good condition in New Zealand East Auckland and Howick it is advisable to hire A1 Machine Repairs East to do the appliances like washing machine repair in Auckland they have helped our homes achieve energy efficiency, they not only offer competent, high-quality services, they offer good advice that helps us achieve the energy efficiency, visit the website at www.washingmachinerepairseast.co.nz and contact them to commence the journey to achieving energy efficient home.


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